Physical Examination Questions and Answers

Whenever you need a physical exam, you can get one here at Get Well Urgent Care in Madison Heights, MI. Call our office now or visit our clinic today.

Physical Examination Questions and Answers
Physical Examination Questions and Answers

Whenever you need a physical exam right away, you can go to an urgent care clinic like Get Well Urgent Care. Get Well urgent care can see you immediately, so it’s really convenient, and sometimes it’s practically necessary to go to urgent care for a physical, like when your child needs one right away for school enrollment. If you or a loved one needs a physical right away, come see us here at Get Well Urgent Care, or keep reading to learn more about physicals with us.

What is a physical exam?

A physical exam is a simple, routine check of a patient’s overall health. During the checkup, a medical professional will check the patient’s vital signs, body function, health risks, and more. For example, the professional will likely take the patient’s blood pressure.

If the patient has any health concerns or questions, the patient can bring them up during the checkup, and the professional can address them. Actually, a physical exam is the perfect opportunity to bring up any concerns or questions.

A patient should have physical exams regularly, and a patient may need additional physicals too, like physicals for work or sports.

What are the different kinds of physical examinations?

There are actually lots of different kinds of physical exams in addition to standard physicals. The different kinds include:

  • Annual checkups for adults
  • Checkups for kids
  • Physicals for seniors
  • Travel medicine physical exams
  • Work-injury-related physical exams
  • Pre-employment checkups
  • Sports physicals for kids or adults joining a new sports team
  • School physicals for kids going to a new school or continuing their education
  • And others

If you need a specific type of physical exam we haven’t mentioned, you can contact us at Get Well Urgent Care to see if we can provide it.

What is included in a physical exam?

In a typical physical exam, a medical professional will usually:

  • Check a patient’s health history, as well as any recent test results for the patient
  • Check the patient’s blood pressure and heart rate
  • Visually examine the patient and check their body, motor functions, speech, ears, nose, heart, lungs, throat, and skin
  • Check if the patient has any risks for health issues like diabetes
  • Provide a blood test or another test, if necessary
  • Ask the patient whether they have any health-related concerns or questions

In school physicals, sports physicals, and some other physicals, a medical professional may check for other things too. For example, during a school physical for a child, a professional will also check the child’s level of development and maturity. In a sports physical, a professional will check for athletic capability.

Does Get Well urgent care provide physical exams?

Yes, urgent care provides physical exams. They can provide standard physicals and many of the other types of physicals we mentioned, like school physicals.

Urgent care is an excellent provider for physical exams because urgent care can see patients for walk-in appointments. This means you can just walk right in for an immediate appointment right on the spot. And since urgent care can see patients of any age, you could also bring in your child or an elderly parent for a physical exam.

Get Well Urgent Care would be happy to see you or a family member of yours for a physical exam. You can just come see us for the physical, no appointment necessary. Come see us today or any other day of the week.

We look forward to your visit with us at Get Well Urgent Care! We serve patients from Madison Heights MI, Royal Oak MI, Hazel park MI, Warren MI, and Berkley MI.