Minor Injury Treatment at Get Well Urgent Care

At Get Well Urgent Care we are dedicated to treating all types of minor emergency injuries. We are conveniently located at 350 E 12 Mile Rd Madison Heights, MI 48071. We serve patients from Madison Heights MI, Royal Oak MI, Hazel Park MI, Warren MI, and Berkley MI.

Minor Injury Treatment at Get Well Urgent Care
Minor Injury Treatment at Get Well Urgent Care

When you or someone you love is injured, it is important to seek medical care as quickly as possible so that the injury does not worsen. At Get Well Urgent Care in Madison Heights, we are dedicated to helping each patient who comes to us recover as quickly as possible from their injuries. Rather than waiting in a crowded emergency room or scheduling an appointment that you may have to wait days for, trust the experts at Get Well Urgent Care to diagnose and treat all of your non-life-threatening injuries.

There are many different kinds of injures, and at Get Well Urgent Care, we strive to provide the highest quality treatment for all types. When you are hurt and in pain, we know that receiving medical treatment as quickly as possible is imperative. No one wants to suffer while they wait to see a doctor, or be forced to take long absences from work, school, or social commitments, so let the physicians at Get Well Urgent Care diagnose and treat you 7 days a week. We know that in today’s busy world, your schedule is already filled with other obligations. At Get Well Urgent Care, our goal is to provide families in the Madison Heights area with the care they need when it is convenient for them.

We are proud to offer comprehensive care for our patients that is not only convenient, but the very best available. We provide treatment for eye injuries, fractures, dislocations and sprains, foreign body removal, abrasions and lacerations, splinters, abscesses, and even most work-related injuries. Our doctors have the expertise and knowledge needed to ensure you receive the effective care you deserve as quickly as possible. Often, it can be difficult for an untrained person to know the extent of an injury, but you can trust our experienced staff to properly assess, diagnose, and treat you and your loved ones.

At Get Well Urgent Care, we are proud to offer our patients in-office laboratory services and digital x-rays. By streamlining the diagnostic process, we work hard to get you in and out of our clinic with the treatment plan you need as soon as possible. Rather than having to wait for your test results or leave our office to receive an x-ray somewhere else only to return afterward, we can provide all of the diagnostic services you require when you sustain an injury so that we can treat you more quickly and help you begin healing. We know that you have better places to be than in our clinic’s waiting area.

If you or a member of your family needs treatment for a non-life-threatening injury, trust the experts at Get Well Urgent Care in Madison Heights. Our expertly trained physicians are available at our walk-in clinic, so that you can see a doctor when you need to, when it suits your schedule, and without the hassle of waiting for an appointment. We offer extended hours at our walk-in clinic 7 days a week, so you can trust that we will be available when you require medical care.