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Comprehensive Eye Exam Questions and Answers

Are you in need of an eye exam? You can get one here at Get Well Urgent Care in Madison Heights, MI. Call our office now or visit our clinic today.

Comprehensive Eye Exam Questions and Answers
Comprehensive Eye Exam Questions and Answers

At Get Well Urgent Care we offer vision tests to test for any potential vision problems. Contact our clinic today if you need a comprehensive eye exam or read on to learn more.

Why are eye exams important?

Eye exams are important because they help detect eye problems before they become more significant or even serious. For example, if a patient is nearsighted, an eye exam can detect the nearsightedness before it starts interfering a lot with the patient’s everyday activities. After an eye problem is detected, a professional can address the problem. To keep your eyes healthy, it’s important to have regular eye exams.

How often should I get an eye exam?

There are a few factors in how often you should get an eye exam. These factors include your age, your health, and your level of risk of developing eye problems. Here are some general guidelines for most people:

  • Kids three years old and younger – A professional should check for the most common eye problems, and if there is a problem, the child should get an eye exam
  • Kids three to five years old – Kids in this age range should have a more comprehensive eye exam
  • Kids older than five – These kids should have their vision checked before they enter first grade, and after that, they should get eye exams everyone to two years
  • Adolescents – Young adults should have their vision checked everyone to two years
  • Adults age 20 to 39 – Every five to 10 years
  • Adults 40 to 54 – Every two to four years
  • Adults 55 to 64 – Everyone to three years
  • Adults over 65 – Everyone to two years

You may need to have your eyes checked more often if you wear glasses or contacts, are at risk for eye problems, or take medications that can have eye-related side effects.

What can I expect during an eye exam?

An eye exam is pretty simple and straightforward, so it’s nothing to be concerned about. You can typically expect a professional to:

  • Ask you about your vision and medical history
  • Measure your visual acuity to see if you need glasses or contact lenses
  • Measure your eye pressure (eye drops may be necessary for this)
  • Use lights to evaluate your eye health
  • Perform other simple, harmless tests
  • Discuss the results of the exam with you, and provide you with an assessment and advice

There are other kinds of eye exams, including ones that specifically screen for issues like glaucoma. Feel free to ask us about our eye exams here at Get Well Urgent Care. We’d be happy to tell you anything else you’d like to know about our eye exams or a comprehensive eye exam with us!

Where can I get a comprehensive eye exam near me?

You can get a comprehensive eye exam right here at Get Well Urgent Care in Madison Heights, MI. We’re fully capable of evaluating your eyesight and checking your eye health for problems like glaucoma, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need an eye exam or if you need regular eye exams. We can see you or anyone else in your family.

We hope to see you soon here at Get Well Urgent Care! We serve patients from Madison Heights MI, Royal Oak MI, Hazel park MI, Warren MI, and Berkley MI.